SBH Online – How can I Register for SBH Online & SBH Online Services

SBH stands for State Bank of Hyderabad which is a Nationalized Bank Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana. SBH is one of the five associate banks of SBI. It is also the largest Subsidiary bank of SBI. SBH has more than 2000 branches and more than 18,000 employees across the country. SBH Online provides a wide range of services to all the bank users.

SBH Online

State Bank of Hyderabad

Internet Banking is useful in each and every sector. Using SBH Online Banking you didn’t need to stand in the big queue’s at the bank, you can perform various activities at your home or office at your convenient time. SBH Online provides a one-stop solution for all of your banking needs. Using Net Banking, you can perform various banking transactions at your Convenient time. One of the major advantages of Net Banking is, it is available 24×7. SBH Online provides services like transfer funds, pay utility bills, request for a cheque book, pay taxes, block ATM card, stop payment of cheque, etc.

SBH Online Services

Using SBH Online you can perform banking activities at any place around the world, you just require a steady internet connection to perform activities. SBH Online Services are as follows:

1. You can know the details about your accounts and can download the statements online using SBH Online.

2. You can request for a cheque book, Demand Draft online using SBH Online.

3. You can pay various utility bills such as electricity bills, water bills, DTH recharge, prepaid/postpaid bills, gas bills, etc using SBH Online.

4. You can pay Direct and Indirect Taxes Online using SBH Online.

5. You can open Fixed Deposit/ Recurring Deposit Account online using SBH Online.

6. Using SBH Online, You can transfer funds to any third party account and PPF Account by using RTGS or NEFT method.

7. You can Block your ATM card, set a limit on ATM card and can regenerate ATM PIN using SBH Online.

8. You can view the status of the cheque and can stop the payment of issued cheque online using SBH Online.

9. You can book you Train Tickets on IRCTC or any Third Party site using SBH Online.

10. You can book movie tickets, bus tickets, etc using SBH Online.

11. You can Open Demat Account Online using SBH Online.

12. You can request for a Gift Card online and can also credit amount in it.

How can I Register for SBH Online?

Here I will provide you the steps to register for Personal Banking. Steps to Register for SBH Net Banking are as follows:

1. Visit the Official SBH Net Banking website. On the right side, you will view the link showing “Continue to Login”. Click on it.

2. Now you will observe the link showing, “New User?Register here”. Click on that link.

3. Now you will be asked about details like Account Number, CIF Number, etc. You have got all those details in your Passbook at the time of opening account in the bank. Fill all the mandatory fields on the page.

4. Now you are registered. Within few days Internet Banking Login details will be sent your registered home address.

If you want to login to your SBH Online Account, Visit this link.

If you are login into the SBH Online for the First Time, the following video will provide you detailed information.

SBH Online Banking FAQs

What is OnlineSBH? How can I access it?

OnlineSBH is an Internet Banking Service provided by the largest subsidiary bank of SBI. To access Internet Banking services, you can register for Net banking services online or by simply visiting your home branch. After registration, you will get Login Id and Password. Now you can Login to Net Banking Services on SBH Online and can access it anytime anywhere.

I am an Indian Resident. How can I open an account in State Bank of Hyderabad?

Follow the steps given below:

  • You can open Savings Account online. Download “Online SB Account Application” after filling all the mandatory fields in the form or You can visit your nearest SBH Branch, collect and fill the form and can open Savings Account.
  • To open an account, take two passport size photographs, and KYC Documents.
  • Make Initial Deposit as per the norms of the bank and your account is opened.

I am NRI. How can I open Account in State Bank of Hyderabad?

Follow the steps given below to open an account in SBH.

1. Download the NRI Application form from the Official SBH website and fill it appropriately.

2. Now get your form to be attested by an SBH Official or any other Indian Consolidate or Notarized form normally.

3. Submit the form along with your passport to any SBH Branch offering INB Service in India. Another way is to submit the form to any SBH Branch available nearby. Also, you have to mention the detail of Branch where you would like to open the account.

Can I Change the Username and Password I received by Post?

It is compulsory to change your username and password when you log in for the first time. Later on, you will be able to change your Password but not the username.

I Forgot my password. How can I get back?

If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link available on the SBH Net Banking website. Follow the essential steps. A new password will be sent to your registered address within 10 working days.

I forgot my Username. What can I do?

when you forgot your Username, contact your home branch and re-register for Internet Banking.

Which services can be accessed using SBH Online?

Using SBH Online you can access services like view statement online, check account balance, transfer funds, pay utility bills, pay taxes, stop payment of cheque, etc.

I am not able to login with the Username and Password I received by Post. What should I do?

The username and password you received by post are system generated and cryptic. So when you log in for the first time ensure that all characters you enter are correct. If then also, you face a problem, you register your issue on the “complaints” link given on the login page.

Can I Change my Password?

Yes, you can change your Password as many times as you want. Also, SBH recommends that you should change your password at regular time intervals to have more secure access to your account.

What are the key points to keep in mind before creating a password?

  • Please select a word that is not available in the Indian Dictionary.
  • Never assign your Name, your Family name, vehicle name or any other name as a password, as it will be easily guessed.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Never write your password anywhere.
  • Never reveal your password to anybody even if the person is claimed to be of SBH.

Why the Username and password so Cryptic?

The Username and password that you have got are ssystemsGenerated. This information is only known to you, not even to any SBI Executive. When you first-time login with your Username and Password, it is compulsory to change your Username and password.

I have received the Username but I haven’t yet received the password for Net Banking. What should I do?

Due to some security reasons, your username and password are sent in different emails. In any case, you have not received your Password, please report your issue in the customer care link which is available on the login page. The bank will take action immediately.

SBH has also Apps available for Android and iOS, using which you can perform various banking transactions.

SBH Touch is available for both Android and iOS.
Features of this app are as follows:

  • You can easily Locate ATMs and Bank Branches using App.
  • Calculate your FD/ RD or EMI Amount using Calculator.
  • You can know the Holidays at various branches state-wise.
  • Easily check loan deposit rates and current deposit rates using App.
  • Also, access various Internet Banking Services online using SBH Touch.

    SBH Online

    SBH Touch