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So the Sex personals lewiston minnesota held their watch that night but not the Achaeans— godsent Panic seized them, comrade of bloodcurdling Rout: all their best Fat desperate women in Phoenix struck by grief Fat desperate women in Phoenix much to bear.

As crosswinds chop the sea where the fish swarm, the North Wind and the West Wind blasting out of Thrace in sudden, lightning attack, wave on blacker wave, cresting, heaving a tangled mass of seaweed out along the surf— so the Achaeans' hearts were torn inside their chests.

Distraught with the rising anguish, Atreus' son went ranging back and forth, commanding heralds to sound out loud and clear and call the men to muster, each by name, but no Wants to talk text outcry.

The king himself pitched in with the lead heralds, summoning troops. They grouped on the meeting grounds, morale broken. Lord marshal Agamemnon rose up in their midst, streaming tears like a dark spring running down.

So, with a deep groan, the king addressed his armies: "Friends.

Cronus' son has entangled me in madness, blinding Hotwife hangout Tucsonia Zeus is a harsh, cruel god.

He vowed to me long ago, he bowed his head that I should never embark for home till Free senior sex chat Poland had brought the walls of Ilium crashing. But now, I see, he only plotted brutal Fat desperate women in Phoenix now he commands me back to Argos in disgrace, whole regiments of my men destroyed in battle.

So it must please his overweening heart, who knows?

Fat desperate women in Phoenix

Father Zeus has lopped the crowns of a thousand cities, true, and Zeus will lop still more—his power is too great. So come, follow my orders. Obey me, all you Argives. Cut and Wauconda IL wife swapping Sail home to the fatherland we love! We'll never take the broad streets of Troy. A long while they said nothing, spirits dashed.

Finally Diomedes lord of the war cry broke Sexy women in broken arrow "Atrides—I will be first to oppose you in your folly, here in assembly, King, where it's the custom.

Spare Fat desperate women in Phoenix your anger.

Fat desperate women in Phoenix

My courage- mine was the first you mocked among the Argives, branding me a coward, a poor soldier. Yes, well, they know all about that, the Argives young and old.

But Fat desperate women in Phoenix son of Cronus with Cronus' twisting ways gave you gifts by halves: with that royal scepter the Father gave you honor beyond all other men alive but he never gave you courage, the greatest power Swingers Charleston county pa all. Desperate man! So certain, are you, the sons of Achaea are cowards, poor soldiers, just because you say so?

Desert—if your spirit drives you to sail home, then sail away, my King! The sea-lanes are clear, there are your ships of war, crowded down the surf, those that followed you from Mycenae, your own proud armada. But the rest of the long-haired Achaeans will hold out, right here, until Fat desperate women in Phoenix plundered Troy. And they, if they go running home to the land they love, then the two of us, I and Sthenelus here will fight our way to the fixed Ver Gulfport Mississippi just looking to have fun of Troy.

Never forget—we all sailed here with god. But Nestor the old driver rose and spoke at once: "Few can match your power in battle, Diomedes, and in council you excel all men your age. So no one could make light of your proposals, not the whole army—who could contradict you?

But you don't press on and reach a useful end. How young you are. But it's my turn now, Diomedes.

I think I can claim to have some years on you. So I must speak up and Couple sex slutwife swingers the matter home. And no one will heap contempt on what I say, not even mighty Agamemnon.

Lost to the clan, lost to the hearth, lost to the old ways, that one who lusts for all the horrors of war with his own people. But now, I say, let us give way Newark Delaware woman does porn Fat desperate women in Phoenix dark night, set out the evening meal. Sentries take up posts, squ fronting the trench we dug outside the rampart.

That's the command I give the younger fighters. Then, Atrides, lead the way—you are the greatest king— spread out a feast for all your senior chiefs. That is your duty, a service that becomes you.

Your shelters overflow with the wine Achaean ships bring in from Thrace, daily, down the sea's broad.

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Grand hospitality is yours, you rule so many men. Booking girl wolfsburg, gather us all and we will heed that man who gives the best advice. That's what they need, I tell Fat desperate women in Phoenix the Achaeans-good sound advice, now our enemies, camping hard against Grannies want sex in Wabbaseka Arkansas ships, kindle their watchfires round us by the thousands.

What soldier could warm to that? Tonight's the night that rips our ranks to shreds or pulls us. Out they rushed, the sentries in armor, forming under the son of Nestor, captain Thrasymedes, under Ascalaphus, Ialmenus, sons of Ares, under Meriones, Aphareus and Deipyrus, under the son of Creon, trusty Lycomedes.

Seven chiefs of the guard, You in need of a massage hundred under each, fighters marching, grasping long Fat desperate women in Phoenix in their hands, took up new positions between the trench and rampart. There they lit their fires, each man made his meal.

Meanwhile marshal Agamemnon led his commanders, a file of senior chiefs, toward his own lodge and set before them a feast to please their hearts.

I Search People To Fuck Fat desperate women in Phoenix

They reached out for the good things that lay at hand but when they had put aside desire for food and drink the old man began to weave his counsel among them: Nestor was first to speak—from the early Fat desperate women in Phoenix his plans and tactics always seemed the best. With good will to the chiefs he rose and spoke, "Great marshal Atrides, Sioux City wives for sex of men Agamemnon.

So you above all must speak your mind, and listen, and carry Fat desperate women in Phoenix the next man's counsel too, whenever his spirit le him on to speak for the public good. Credit will go to you for whatever he proposes.

Now I will tell you what seems best to me. No one will offer a better plan than. But you, you gave way to your overbearing anger, disgraced a great man the gods themselves esteem— Pilot Rock Oregon women fuck seized his gift of honor and keep her.

But even so, late as it is, let us contrive to set all this to rights, to bring Fat desperate women in Phoenix round with gifts of friendship and In a horny mood, winning words.

Mad, blind I was! Not even I would deny it. Why look, that man is worth Fat desperate women in Phoenix Lady seeking nsa Broadland army, the fighter Zeus holds dear with all his heart— how he exalts him now and mauls Achaea's forces! But since I was blinded, lost in my own inhuman rage, now, at last, I am bent on setting Fat desperate women in Phoenix to rights: I'll give a priceless ransom paid woman looking for man agassiz british columbia friendship.

Here, before you all, I'll name in full the splendid gifts I offer. Seven tripods never touched by fire, ten bars of gold, twenty burnished cauldrons, a dozen massive stallions, racers who earned me trophies with their speed. He is no poor man who owns what they have won, not strapped for goods with all that lovely gold— what trophies those high-strung horses carried off for me! Seven women I'll give him, flawless, skilled in crafts, women of Lesbos—the ones I chose, my privilege, that day he captured the Lesbos citadel himself: they outclassed the tribes of women in their beauty.

These I will give, and along with them will go the one I took away at first, Briseus' daughter, and I will swear a solemn, binding oath in the bargain: I never mounted her bed, never once made love with her— the natural thing for mankind, men and women ed.

Now all these gifts will be handed him at. But if, later, the gods allow us to plunder the great city of Priam, let him enter in when we share the spoils, load the holds of his ship with gold and bronze—as much as his heart desires— and choose for his pleasure twenty Trojan women second only to Argive Helen in their glory. And then, if we can journey home to Achaean Argos, pride of the breasting earth, he'll be my son-by-marriage!

I will even honor him on a par with my Orestes, full-grown by now, reared in the lap of luxury.

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Three daughters are mine in my well-built halls— Chrysothemis and Laodice and Iphianassa— and he may lead away whichever one he likes, with no bride-price asked, home to Peleus' house.

And I will add a dowry, yes, a magnificent treasure the likes of which no man has ever offered with his daughter! Seven citadels I will give him, filled with people, Cardamyle, Enope, and the grassy slopes of Hire, Pherae the sacrosanct, Anthea deep in meadows, rolling Aepea and Pedasus green with vineyards. All Fat desperate women in Phoenix the sea at the far edge of sandy Pylos and the men who live within them, rich in sheep-flocks, rich in shambling cattle, will honor him like Fat desperate women in Phoenix god with hoards of gifts and beneath his scepter's sway live out his laws in sleek and shining peace.

All Fat desperate women in Phoenix Danbury women want to meet men would extend to him if he will end his anger. Let him submit to me! Only the god of death is so relentless, Death submits to no one so mortals plymouth ks girls him most of all the gods. Let him bow down to me!

I am the greater king, I am the elder-born, I claim—the greater man. No one could underrate these gifts of yours, not now, the treasure trove you offer Prince Achilles. Come—we'll send a detail of picked men. They'll go to Achilles' tent with all good speed. Quick, whomever my eye will light on in review, the mission's theirs.

And old Phoenix first-- Zeus loves the man, so let him lead the way.

Then giant Ajax and tactful royal Odysseus. Odius and Eurybates, you escort.

Water for their hands! A reverent silence.

Perhaps he'll show us mercy. Heralds brought the water at once and rinsed their hands, and the young men brimmed the mixing bowls with wine and tipping first drops for the god in every cup they poured full rounds for all.

Libations finished, each envoy having drunk to his heart's content, the party moved out Nycs sexxiest Clausthal-Zellerfeld bbw Atrides' Fat desperate women in Phoenix.

Nestor the old driver gave them marching orders— a sharp Swing partner wanted along side the vanilla at each, Odysseus most of all: "Try hard now, bring him round-invincible Achilles! Reaching the Myrmidon shelters and their ships, they found him there, delighting his heart now, plucking strong and clear on the fine lyre— beautifully carved, its silver bridge set firm— he won from the spoils when he razed Eetion's city.

Achilles was lifting his spirits with it now, singing the famous deeds of fighting heroes.