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Looking for platonic female friendship. First off, I am a female Just moved to California from Atlanta. I have two sons and am married to a beautiful woman. My wife and I have been together for years. We have moved around a bit and Im finding it hard to meet people and make friends. Although my friends back in ATL wouldnt agree, Im very shy which is why I have a hard time putting myself out there. However, once I am comfortable with someone Im the life of the party. What Im looking for? Female friends specifiy.

About me: Im 44 years old and a stay at home mom as well as work from home doing web de. I am extremely open-minded and expect my friends to be too. I love to laugh, so I appreciate a sense of humour and goofiness.

I cuss every so often so I expect my friends not to be too offended when that happens. I like to sing, although I havent much in front of other people, but my family hear me belt it out all the time. I like to draw, although I havent done anything in years. Ive always wanted to write a novel, total lesbian smut novel OK OK, romance novel. Im a horrible writer though.

Think I enjoyed many of them more than my. My family is my world and I am extremely protective of them. I love being by the water and could hang out at the beach all day. I like sitting at the park with my boys. The est is finally able to be off and play without me hovering.

He prefers it that way. I dont mind going to professional games now and then, but mainly for the atmosphere, not because Im interested in the game. However, I am the typical soccer mom and scream and yell for my son when he plays.

I dont own a van. I love to dance, but we havent gone out dancing in forever. Love going out and trying new restaurants. I can much have a conversation about anything and not get too grossed out. I do not do of any kind.

I have a tattoo that my wife says is on my butt, but it clearly is on my lower back. Im spiritual, not religious. I cry at movies and Im not ashamed of it. I cry at commercials and Im not ashamed of it. I have a huge heart, but its in disguise most of the time. I love trying new foods. Who I prefer to befriend: Openminded people! People who are accepting of others and their choices or situations. Down to earth people who can say poop and be ok with that.

Social drinkers but not "heavy" drinkers, I really dont want to you home. Not my thing, never has been. Again, not my thing and never has been. Some ok with hanging out with me, me and myor me and my whole family.

Im cool with playdates. Someone that isnt high strung, Ive no need for that. Someone who isnt an exercise freak, but not lazy either. Dont be judgemental! Of anyone, for anything! Someone genuinely kind and caring. Someone open to trying new things and not completely set in their ways.

Someone who can talk about our differences or issues should there be any. If I offend you or you are upset at me for something, dont expect me to read your mind. I dont have that superhero power. Someone that doesnt expect my house to be spotless. It isnt! As much as I would love for it to be. Dont expect me to speak to you with big words. I grew up in a small town didnt learn those. Dont have a ton of expectations of me.

There is no room for jealousy! Of any sort. Someone who realizes we lead busy lives, and if we cant hang out sometimes. Dont put on an act. Be you. Dont be allergic to dogs. Or afraid of we have two. Be able to relax and be in the moment. Be able to let loose and have fun. Dont lie! About anything. Dont make promises and not keep them. Dont tell me things you think I want to hear. I really dont want to hear them. Be objective. This is not the end of my list, but if I dont post this soon Ill just keep writing. And wheres the sense in that? Im not looking for a perfect person.

If you fit some of the criteria above, cool hope to hear from you. I think most people can figure out the really important characteristics though, so be mindful of those. If youre interested in knowing more about me, please shoot me an.

Be serious though, Im not in the mood for people looking for something other than what Im looking for. Also, to eliminate the spam, please have the following in your subject line, or as the first word in your response: End of the road Tiki Bar Enjoy, and thanks for reading. Ladies need a foot rub? I am just looking to relax all you beautiful ladies if needed. Swingers search fuck Looking for lonely BBW that need attention! Seeking a cut cock I am new to Looking for a thick cock, maybe 8" or 9" Please be clean n shaven n be std free Very clean pussy!!